When DSL line was dead...

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When DSL line was dead...

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I am Mike as computer consultant with my client who deaf lady.   She called me visit her place,   She tried checked her broadband was not working after bad storm on last month.


I checked with her modem status got zero or unable connecting.  Include my expert modem analyst same result is  DSL line was DEAD.    I explained to her and she talked  with her mother contact to vodafone service.   


Her mother told her,  Vodafone service will post a new modem on way to her place.


When it arrived, she setup a new modem is nothing result.  Then she tell mum rang to Vodafone again, they did another post a new modem again


And it was arrived and 2nd new modem is nothing result,  Then her Mother frustrate and called a Vodafone again.  They said "Oop sorry a wrong model modem, and thrid send a HG659 Modem on way and give back 2nd Modem"  


A 3rd Modem been setup and test was nothing result.   She called to me, she explain me a her story !     


I bit shocked about that it.    VODAFONE ARE STUBBORN !!

I think, WHAT WRONG WITH VODAFONE SERVICE WERE UN-PROFESSIONAL !!!  Smiley Mad   I suppose vodafone should call  CHORUS immediate to her place.      Also Vodafone should pay a free two month her account.  Why she is important for doctor, relay service, other via broadband.   But she expense her Data mobile on her phone cost came waste cost !


Vodafone are FAILURE responsible to YOUR customer alway 100% right been told you.  


Last chance,  guess what ?    She will calling...


Michael Daniell

Computer Consultant

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Re: When DSL line was dead...

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Well,  Vodafone didn't response in 4 days.    I see over 60 views these. 

I knew.....Vodafone are lazy  ?!! ....Unbelievable !!

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