Website not Working

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Website not Working

by PhilDNZ Starter Poster
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Unless there's something really wrong with my Internet the web page


does not load.


Neither does anything else connected with Buying Naked Broadband.

Neither does the page to Contact Customer Services to report this.


Could someone let the Webmaster know please? Going nowhere fast is very frustrating.


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Re: Website not Working

by KarinBennenbroek Starter Poster
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Kind of glad I'm not the only one experiencing this same problem!

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Re: Website not Working

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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@PhilDNZ @KarinBennenbroek


Do you have a screenshot of this?


Does absolutely nothing load on the page, or are you able to load something and the issue is when you try and advance through the signup process?


Also have you tried another browser? I just tried in Chrome for Windows and seems to load fine for me. 


Let me know and we can get someone to look into it.


Also if you urgently want to signup, give us a call on 777 or 0800438448 and our telesales can sort you out too.

- Sam

I work for Vodafone, supporting our mobile and fixed customers, and volunteer my time on the community.

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Re: Website not Working

by PhilDNZ Starter Poster
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Hi Karin,

Another day, another conundrum.

Thought I should let you know that the website now works for me.


Today I was able to price up a Naked Broadband package (for comparison with my existing Choice plan) and it worked perfectly without me changing anything or re-booting.


Thanks for responding so promptly,

Phil Drane

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