Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

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Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

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Hi Vodafone,
I am an existing Vodafone customer with my home line, internet, and also an on account mobile. I am wanting to know why you can't offer me a competitive wireless rural broadband package that competes well with what several other company's are offering?
Currently you are offering 80gig of data for the same price that your competitors are offering 120gig (Spark) or 170gig (Farmside). And apparently ( after having finally got thru to your "retention's" team) you are not able to offer any sweeteners to resolve this issue and retain customers like me who expect a competitive deal.
So that is my first and most urgent question. However, after having attempted to get answers for this via your phone support I now have a few other questions I'd really like answers for too. These are numbered 1 to 5 as follows:
1/ Why do I keep getting disconnected when I call either your sales line or your "rural broadband specialist" number? Three times this has happened this morning while listening to your on hold music (before I have even got to talk to one of your staff).
2/ Why is that when I persevere and do finally actually manage to get thru to one of your staff they are just about always not in the department that the number I called was supposed to be for?
3/ Why is it that when your staff try to put me thru to the correct department I just about always get put thru to the incorrect department or disconneted?
4/ Do you realize how ironic and bad it looks that a company that is supposed to specialize in communications apparently can't even get their own phone lines ( and staff) to operate correctly
5/ Why on earth would an existing customer stay with Vodafone in light of everything written above?
Please don't think I'm just trying to be smart or negative here. Because while you probably don't appreciate what I have written I am actually doing you a favour in taking the time to write and bring all this to your attention. And I'm genuinely looking for a reason to stay with Vodafone so that I don't have to go thru the hassles associated with changing my provider. But frankly (at this stage at least) I'm not seeing anything other than not having to change my email address. Please respond.
Yours sincerely


gavin mcewen

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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by gavin1 Starter Poster
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Seeing as there has been no respose from Vodafone via the "community, here is what i just received via email (that i can't reply to of course!)  And my comments to Vodafones response are in bold -


Hello Gavin,

Thank you for your email. I have tried contacting you thru 06####### however it seems that I'm not able to reach you. Highly unlikely. We work from home and there has been multiple people here the whole time since I first posted. Besides that, we have an answer phone and no one has left a message.

I understand that you wanted to have a better deal for Rural Broadband compared to our competitors however it seems that we are not able to provide you a better one. I also understand that you have some questions about our customer service, and it's really causing you frustration. I apologize for all the inconvenience.

Below are the answers to your questions:

1. We are not aware of this problem, as we rarely do have these kind of complaints about our Automated Phone System. Thank you for bringing this to our attention though, I'll pass this over to the team that handles our Automated Phone System to see what the problem is. Again I find it highly unlikely you are unaware of this as it happens so often and others I have talked too have said the same. Having said that, possibly most customers experiancing this problem would find it too much hassle to effectivly complain or bring this to your attention because of the generally obstuctive way Vodafone have their "support" set up.  For example - I have ben cut off lots of times while on hold with Vodafone, and I always mention it when my calls are actually answered. But most likely this never gets passed on because I'm only talking to a first level of support who probably dosn't give a dam and probably dosn't even live in NZ.  And so for me to effectivly bring this to your attention i have had to go thru all the efforts of writing out emails and creating a profile etc so I can post about it in here. Most people either could not be bothered or would not have the time. And I bet you know that.

2. Most probably, you are getting thru the right department, however, once the agent asks you for your query, the agent will pass you on to the people who will most definitely answer your queries. We do this to prevent repeat calls. Apologies if this is inconvenient for you. Actually, no sorry, in some  instances I am getting through to a completly different department to what I have called and you need to get this sorted out as its incredibly frustrating expecially with the long wait times generally required. At other times the " right department" may be subjective. But if for example your webpages leads me to believe that you have a dedicated wireless broadband team  and I phone your " talk to a wireless broadband specialist"  phone number,  it is very annoying when the first thing i hear is a recorded message telling me I can fix my mobile phone by restarting it. And then when i finally do get to talk to a person (often after a long wait) I have to be transferred to a "sales department" (if i want to know something about wireless pricing), or to the "technical"  department ( if I want to know something technical). It makes me feel mislead and angry because obviously your wireless broadband specialists line is not that at all, and of course all this just resultsin more waiting, and more likely hood of getting cut off again!!

3. This is a matter that needs attention. You may report these kind of calls by getting the Agent's name at the first answer, and then if this kind of situation happens, you may report it to us via Email or call so that we can investigate. I apologize if this sometimes happen. I have done this at times, giving the person who cut me off or put me through to an incorrect department to the next person I speak too. But it seems to make no difference. And emailing never seems to help as generally your email responses are just an attempt to stonewall people and can never be replied too.

4. We do realize how bad it looks for us as a Telecommunications Company, however, please be advised that we always do our best to solve your queries, no matter how large the problems are. Sorry, but obviously that has no been my experiance with Vodafone. Based on my experiance I would say that generally Vodafone support  is set up to do its best to avoid talking with its customers, and to discourage customers contacting Vodafone.

5. We have the Retention Team to talk to you about this. One of your staff members told me yesterday they had spoken directly with your retention team and that there was nothing they could do to help.

For this one, I have created a Call Back Request for the Retention Team to contact you thru 027 ####### or 06####### within 3-4 Business Days. They will be calling you to match the deals the other providers have for Rural broadband. Please wait for their call back for now.  Thank you! This is great news if it actually happens, because this is a total contridiction to what we were told yesterday when we were told by several Vodafone staff members (and your retention team) that they can't match your compeditors wireless broadband deals.  Despite having not been called back so many times in the past from Vodafone after they have promised to do so I'm actually hopefully optimistic now that because you have posted this in here that someone will actually call me and this will actually happen. 

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. Thankyou for your response and help!

If you have other questions in our service, you can always visit our website and if you want to pay, check data usage, and make some changes to your account just log in to My Vodafone.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Kind regards,
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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by Contributor Bobthekiwi Contributor
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and still no reply from VF? seems the more that you read on VF's customer service the worse it is getting. ( Waiting for my contract to finish so i can change ) im over the service that they DONT give to their customers. 

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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

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Hi All,


I would suggest taking a look at our website tomorrow for some new info regarding RBI Plans. Not much more I can say at this point.





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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by gavin1 Starter Poster
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Thanks Lucas!


This sounds hopeful. I'll be waiting with bated breath!





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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by gavin1 Starter Poster
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Hi Lucas,


Can you please point me to the new RBI info that you refered too yesterday. So far I can't see any new RBI info on Vodafones website.


Many thanks



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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi @gavin1


Apologies, our website is in the process of being updated at the moment.


Our 80gb plan is being automatically upgraded to 120gb. Remaining at same price $99.99/$105.99 with calling.


We also have a new plan, 200gb for $159.99/$165.99 with calling. 


Our RBI Sales team can sign you up/upgrade your plan now on 0508 008 888

- Sam

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Re: Vodafone 80gig rural wireless broadband package not competitive - a letter to Vodafone

by gavin1 Starter Poster
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Just an update for those that might be following - It has now been 5 working days since we were told by Vodafone customer service representative via email that someone from their retention team would be calling us back within 3-4 working days. Yet no one has called.


Adding insult to injury is the fact that the person at Vodafone customer services (Migs)  who said this, also said " If ever you haven't received a call though, just to set proper expectations, I'll be calling you instead so that I can just refer you over to the Retention Team myself. Please Email me if you need me to call you about this. "


I did email Migs back, advising we had not been called as promised. Yet still we have not been called.


The thing that makes this extra appalling is that in my first email to Customer Services I took the time to detail to them just how poor their customer service has been when ever we have tried to seek any solutions via their phone support. And yet now despite all that (and Vodafones assurances that this was not normal) we are now being treated in exactly the same way via their email support.


So this is apparently what passes for acceptable customer service at Vodafone? 





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