VPN with the new Wireless Broadband modems...

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VPN with the new Wireless Broadband modems...

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Currently using a DrayTek IPSec VPN router on VDSL (which is only a tiny bit better than ADSL and made no difference to the upload speed).

Needing IPSec VPN capabilities to allow secure tunneling from other locations so that the business database can be shared, it's really important to have a decent upload speed. Unfortunately currently we only get 1mbps upstream where we are which is really not enough. The new Wireless broadband looks promising and has significantly better upstream capabilities than the copper we are currently using...


Question is: Can we get IPSec tunneling capabilities with a wireless broadband modem?

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Re: VPN with the new Wireless Broadband modems...

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Hi Warick,


From what we are aware of the new wireless broadband modems have VPN compatibilities but if IPsec is your preference then it will allow you to connect to that secure host but it will not allow incoming communication from that host from what we have been advised of.  Hope this was helpful.


Regards ^JessieH

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