VDSL Connection Issue

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VDSL Connection Issue

by NigelSummersby New Poster
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Having Issues moved from Orcon to vodafone was getting 65mbs at orcon down and 30mbs up but since moved to vodafone speed has been dropping over time im now at 20 mbs down and 10 up? now i am also getting issues where it drops out every day then comes back online sometimes 5 min later somtimes more?

Heard the HG659 modems are not very good ? any help

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Re: VDSL Connection Issue

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I have been having the same issue recently and use the Huawei HG659. I have had no problems with my connection for 2 years until they installed Fibre in my street last week and now it drops out nearly everyday and is very slow at times. I suspect its Vodafones way of getting me to change to Fibre as I remember the same thing happening when VDSL came about which made me switch from ADSL to VDSL so they can lock you in for another 2 years. But I am now looking at other options as it is getting far too expensive to stick with them as they don't offer loyal customers anything for their loyalty.

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