UFB Availability

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UFB Availability

by Liareth New Poster
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I've seen a few other posts with this issue, but none that include a resolution, so I'll raise it for myself.


Vodafone availability checker says that UFB isn't available at my address. Chorus checker and Spark checker say that it is.


Before I investigate changing my supplier (and I've generally been happy with vodafone to date), how do I get someone to finally confirm which is correct? I'd expect Chorus to know?


Any suggestions greatfully received Smiley Happy



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Re: UFB Availability

by Contributor Bobthekiwi Contributor
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just ring them, ( if you can get through ) they can do a better check and should be able to confirm if you are able to get UFB.

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Re: UFB Availability

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Hi @Liareth


@Bobthekiwi is right, fastest option is would be to contact our sales team on 0800777301, or PM me your account details, I can take a look at exactly where fibre is laid to confirm, and arrange a callback.

- Sam

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