Trouble, every which way...

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Trouble, every which way...

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In early June I contacted Vodafone about changing BB, Sky and homephone providers, away from Voda. I scheduled a disconnection of Voda BB/email and a transition of homephone to a new provider and also transfer of Sky back to Sky to occur on 30 July. Here is what ACTUALLY happened:


  • Voda disconnected my home phone immediately. When contacted they said it would take up to 10 days to be reconnected. 12 days later I contacted them again and was told it would take another 10 days. When I asked for a credit, it was reconnected within a day.
  • I got an email saying Sky would also be disconnected and that Sky would be in contact within 3 days so as to ensure continuity of service. This was 4-5 months ago and I got disconnected fron Sky TODAY, who told me that Vodafone asked them to disconnect me (it is at this point that I decided I had to write this).
  • My BB and email was disconnected on the right day (30 July, yay!) except all the other email addresses aliased to my mail email still worked. I called and told Voda who assured me that this takes a few days to filter through but that it would do so and I wouldn't get charged after July 30, but...


This week (3-4 months later):

  • I got a $430+ bill for 3 months email access and 3 months of Sky.
  • After 4 calls (3 of which were randomly disconnected after waiting for a long time on hold), I finally spoke to Jo-ann who got everything refunded and all I had to pay for was Sky.
  • And today Sky was disconnected (no service) and when I contacted Sky they said that Voda had asked for a termination, not a transfer to them.


I had been a loyal Voda customer since they entered NZ. But this service is what it has been like for me for almost a year. I have asked every Voda person (including Jo-ann) who I should talk to to help Voda improve and the standard reply is "I have no idea".


I'm sad that Voda put me in the position that I felt the only option was to vote with my feet. But there are just too many options and I have to say, Vodafone just don't seem to care. Or are so broken that no-one knows how to fix it.





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