Sure Signal V3 Connection Problems

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Sure Signal V3 Connection Problems

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The Sure Signal page states that in order for me to use Sure Signal I need

I have all of these though I would like to highlight my Sure Signal is V3, my fixed broadband connection is not with Vodafone nor is my router from Vodafone but this wasn't a requirement and I have a 3G Vodafone phone.


The unit has 4 lights from the top right corner, 1) power, 2) arrow around circle, 3) bars, 4) phone.


I have connected the cables as advised, home router via ethernet to yellow ethernet socket on Sure Signal and connected the power cable.

On powering up the device the power (1) light is comes on and stays solid.

After about 20 seconds the arrow around circle (2) light starts flashing and the power (1) light is still solid.

After about a minute the power (1) light starts flashing, the arrow around circle goes off and the bars (3) and phone (4) lights come on and stay on (not flashing).

I have left the Sure Signal box for well over an hour and nothing changes.

I have restarted the Sure Signal multiple times but the same thing happens.

This light sequence is not in the support notes please advise?

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Re: Sure Signal V3 Connection Problems

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Hi @Doozer


The SureSignal requires some open ports to work, which may not be configured in a third party router.



These ports are: 8, 50, 123, 500, 4500, and these need to be open for both incoming and outgoing traffic.


If you're having trouble with this, I'd suggest calling the number on the paperwork in the box, there's a dedicated team that support Sure Signal.

- Sam

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Re: Sure Signal V3 Connection Problems

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Hi Sam,

I setup the ports in the NAT section of my router. The information it requires is:

WAN Interface:
Server Name:
Server IP Address:
Protocol:  TCP/UDP 
External Port Start:
External Port End:


The WAN interface is defined by the router, the server name is whatever I want to call it and then the IP Address, the protocol and the port I believe are the bits that need to be configured for Vodafone. I have created one for each of the ports you recommended (8, 50, 123, 500, 4500), set the protocol to TCP/UDP to cover either type and then configured the server IP to  my WAN IP address. The service has been working for two weeks without any issues then yesterday we had a power cut and since then it has not worked. I have tried rebooting, syncing multiple times and recreating the virtual servers in the NAT section of my router with the WAN IP, external IP and my local IP, none of which have worked. Which IP should I be using?


Anything else I should be doing?




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Re: Sure Signal V3 Connection Problems

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I've had exactly the same issue repeatedly with my Sure Signal V3, which I purchased a couple of months ago. The SS works without issue for a few days before the error lights re-appear (the same ones described by OP). It has now happened to me at least five times in the last two months. Every time it stops working, it will remain that way for at least a couple of days, sometimes up to a week. I have logged three separate faults, but it's not clear to me if anything is being done to fix the underlying problem.


I once ran a packet capture between my SS and my modem when it had the issue and found that the SS was unable to connect to Vodafone's VPN. Like OP, I'm connecting from a non-Vodafone ISP, but my device has been working without any configuration changes on my end.


I'm going to be buying a Spark SIM card today to test their signal quality at my place, something I probably should have done a while back.

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