Strange letter and phone call re refund

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Strange letter and phone call re refund

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I've received a letter supposedly from Vodafone, which has my account number at the top.


The letter states I have "$9.27 credit on my old Vodafone account" (I'm still with Vodafone, incidentally) and they'd like to refund me.


They ask me to call an 0800 number to provide my bank account number or email them.


Googling the number or email address bring up nothing actually related to Vodafone.


Two days after getting the letter, I get a call asking me for my bank account number to sort out the refund. I find it very surprising that Vodafone would be this proactive about refunding money, particularly as apparently the refund was left over from 2013  - four years to find the refund but then following up on it after two days?!


Can anyone verify if this is genuine or has received a similar letter?



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Re: Strange letter and phone call re refund

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Please call us on 0800 438 448 to confirm, timing and style of messaging doesn't sound right.

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