Still receiving rubbish service

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Still receiving rubbish service

by AdrianMordecai New Poster
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After spending nearly 3 hours on the phone to "customer services" of various departments, who kept putting me on hold, cutting me off, redialing, spending more time on hold, being cut off (4 times in total).... I AM OVER VODAFONE!


Not only has our internet here in Auckland been nothing short of total rubbish since moving from Orcon 4 months ago, it is slow and it constantly kicks us off.. I am told again, there is no fault with the line.... reboot the VDSL modem and all works again (everytime, go figure)... this can happen dozens of times a day... I am told it will be monitored and will be called if it happens... NOT A PEEP, NOT A SINGLE CALL... in fact it happened as she hung up the phone call and again now as I am typing this it has failed again.... still no call and I will have to reboot the router to send this very message....


We are also moving to Palmerston North... I requested WEEKS ago for a new install to our property... After a wasted trip from Auckland to the Manawatu to reinstate a trench dug 65m across our land for a new install I was told it had been cancelled because they did not realise it was a new installation... (in fairness, I ONLY EXPLAINED 3 TIMES TO MAKE SURE THEY KNEW IT WAS A NEW CABLE INSTALLATION IN A LARGE TRENCH TO A RELOCATABLE HOUSE WITH CURRENT WIRING)... Go figure... then I get told.. "after talking to provisioning, Chorus will be there later today and need access to the house later today or tomorrow... I'll just don my Superman suit so I can whisk my way there, because explaining it was nearly 700km away didnt really register. (just for clarity I wasn't told the install was cancelled)


I have also asked for a postal address for Vodafone Accounts Receivable so I can send THEM an invoice for all of MY wasted time, not only on the phone, but wasted time and expenses for travelling to our new property and back, and for cancelled contractor hireage etc etc etc... after being promised a response, so far I have not received anything from vodafone apart from silence .... seems they can bill US for things, but we wont be provided with an address so cannot bill THEM.... 


I told the supervisor I may wish to cancel my Vodafone Account (4 months old), because of the DIABOLICAL service I have received from Vodafone... I was then told the $199 early termination fee STILL applies and IF i do cancel my account ALL provisioning requests get cancelled along with it.


SO.. to summarise,  Im stuck with a crap provider, who takes but does not give, fills you with empty promises and doesnt come through. and will add insult to injury if you decide to cancel your account...


so beware folks... Ninja's is probably right... cunning and stealthy!!!


Its a shame, as I have been a loyal mobile customer for 13yrs and assumed they would be a good provider... they don't seem to care if you are loyal or not...


I am nothing short of disgusted.



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Re: Still receiving rubbish service

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hey Adrian, 


I sincerely apologise for the disappointing experience you've had with us. Sounds like you've had quite a frustrating time trying to get this sorted. Can you please send me a private message with your customer number so I can take a look at the account and find out what's going on with the Fibre order? 


Regarding the VDSL connection, how much longer are you at the Auckland address? I can also take a look at the connection to find out why the connection is running so slow.





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Re: Still receiving rubbish service

by LisaRabbidge Starter Poster
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I feel as though i am just starting on this same journey that you have had.

Im hoping the squeky wheel gets the oil in regards to these issues.

Off to social media i go!

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