Spam on Paradise email

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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sams wrote:

@JoanHilder @Collette @JanineThomas


Thank you, can you keep forwarding these to missed spam if possible, as we're still working on getting the issue resolved.


- Sam

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by TWR New Poster
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Encountering massive amounts of spam on my Paradise account. When is this likely to be resolved?

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Staff MsChaoticX Staff
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We currently have an issue on our side and we are working on a fix for this as we speak. Please continue to fwd emails to or but it should be lowering in the coming days.



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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by DennisPointer New Poster
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For a few days after seeing this forum we had no spam emails after getting approx 20 a day.  Unfortunately today we had another 6 - same ones generally canadian pharmacy selling viagra etc.  I thought you had it solved but obviously not.  Please urgently look into this matter as I am getting really fed up with them.

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by MAP Starter Poster
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This seemed to be fixed for a while, but today the spam is as bad as it has ever been - around 20.


Anyone else still experiencing issues?  Starting to make the account unusable.



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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Regular Poster Collette Regular Poster
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Yes I'm really fed up with it. We were getting about 5 a day off and on over the last couple of months, but today we have had about 26 - the most I can ever remember. This afternoon there were about 12 sent together around the same time. I keep sending them to 'missed spam' but it doesn't seem to make any difference. It is like spam has taken over the servers!

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Ja5ck6 Starter Poster
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I have been bomarded with spam the past few days. It did seem to ease off, but now seems to have come back with a vengence.

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by dlinney New Poster
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I'm also getting an increased amount of spam getting through, but Outlook is able to identify it OK.  There was a pattern for a few weeks where it was really bad on Thursdays and Fridays, but yesterday 15/6 seems to have been the worst.  There is something seriously wrong with the Paradise filters because the content is often similar to what has been reproted to missedspam previously.

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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by Frequent Poster anzac1957 Frequent Poster
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How much is this spam email related to the massive delays in receiving emails.  Getting 4 - 5 pages in webmail spam folder a day plus 5 or more a day getting through.  Something seriously wrong with filters.


Took over 15 hours to get an email that I was waiting for yesterday.


The email delays are only effecting paradise and clear emails.


Those of us who started as Paradise customers years ago are not second class customers so how about getting the support we deserve.


My email client on Android device does not let me forward emails as attachments so unable to report the spam.


Surely the online spam folders could be checked by Vodafone support systems.


Thank you



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Re: Spam on Paradise email

by BrookeJones New Poster
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You only get 100mb of memory on paradise anyway sis why wouldn't you want to move on to something bigger and better like gmail
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