Slow internet connection on new Fibre Max connection

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Slow internet connection on new Fibre Max connection

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We switched from Spark VDSL to Vodafone Fibre Max recently as we don't get real fibre where we are yet. We are realistic and didn't expect to get the 700-900 mb/s advertised. Our speed tests have shown 200-300 download when we are not doing anything else that uses internet e.g. streaming tv or playing online games. This is a lot better than we got on VDSL but even with test results like that, our internet is slower to use. On my laptop web pages take longer to load and on my phone using wifi it struggles to load videos and photos on Facebook! I can't remember the last time I had issues like that.

Why would the speed test tell me the speed is good but still have such poor results when using the internet?




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Re: Slow internet connection on new Fibre Max connection

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Hi Fiona Smiley Happy

That doesn't sound like an ideal situation! Are you able to private message me your acc details and i'll double check on the wifi settings for your router Smiley Happy



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