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Read Me: Vodafone Homepages

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What are homepages?


Vodafone Homepages allows you to create a personal site to share and visit from anywhere an internet connection is available. It is a free service offered to all Vodafone Fixed Line and Broadband customers. Friends and family can visit the website you create by typing in:


Things to know:


  • It supports simple and dynamic HTML coding only
  • PHP, MySQL, Databases and FrontPage extensions are not supported
  • Your standard web space allocation limit is 30Mb
  • If you've got a domain name, e.g. you can use Virtual Hosting (see  Domains & Hosting ) to make this the address for your website.



Web space allowance


Broadband and home phone packs

30 MB

$1.03 per MB

Naked broadband packs

30 MB

$1.03 per MB


Setting up Homepages


  • Log into My Account
  • Navigate to Add-on Services and click Add homepage account. Select the appropriate login
  • Click Add your homepage. This will trigger an automatic email with the login information directly to the contact email address specified on your broadband account.




Using FTP (file transfer protocol)


Most people will use their website by using an FTP client. In order to log into the server you will need the following information:


  • An FTP client
  • Our homepages server address (
  • Your homepages username
  • Your homepages password (this can be different to your login password and is contained in the email you were sent during setup)
  • FTP server port is 21


Document structure


For the server to publish your page correctly all your files need to be located in the public_html folder and your index file needs to be called index.html.  Provided you have written your page correctly your page should be available for browsing within 20 minutes.


More info on our website:


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