RBI Richmond Consistently poor bandwidth

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RBI Richmond Consistently poor bandwidth

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Has anyone else experience consistently poor bandwidth performance in the Nelson Richmond region with thier RBI.


Over the last 6months between 5pm and 10pm It's practically impossible to do anything online short of emails, and in the last week and weekends, the bandwidth has been around 0.6Mbps download. This is what I was getting with Spark ADSL Broadband! UFD (Ultra fast dialup).


During school time AKA after 8,30am and before 4pm I can get speeds of up to 20Mbps, but outside this time, its a no go.


It seems that this richmond node is either over subscribed or has a fault in it. Can anyone sugguest an option to improve this?

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Re: RBI Richmond Consistently poor bandwidth

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Hey there, we can get a job logged for you, Id be curious to know if anyone else has the same problem though.

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