Problem with Internet Download Speed

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Problem with Internet Download Speed

by BobNing New Poster
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I Lived in Blockhousebay. Customer ID: 12529186. Email REF:170301-004112 

I became a vodafone vdsl broadband user since Aug 2016, I was quite happy with the internet speed at first.

Recently, my internet speed is quite slow, download speed is blew 1mbps. Is this too slow for VDSL?Cat Mad

I emailed to vodafone regaring this, then one solutions specialist, she told me that I can try different jackpints and filter. After I tried, the speed still the same. Then I told her the results, she said she will arrange a technican to check. after two days later, I emailed her again, then she only reply that there was fault in the line. Then I emailed back " how can we fix this?" She said that gonna send me a new Modem. The delivery is pretty fast.  Today I have received the new modem, after I replace the modem, the result still the same <1mbps download. Then I emailed back again say that may be not the modem's problem, may be its better to ask one technican comeover and check. and she said that she gonna call me. OK, I gave her the phone number. Now, after two hours I haven't receive any call. I am so disappointed, Is there anyone can help me? 

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Re: Problem with Internet Download Speed

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Thanks for your post, I'll pick this up tomorrow and see what we can do.

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