Please, get your information about consents right.

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Please, get your information about consents right.

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This is the second time that this happens to me:

- First, I go to the Vodafone website and check if UFB is available at my address.
- Then I call and the Vodafone employee confirms that it's available and the consents are granted for my address (I'm a tenant).
- Then I confirm that I have interest in migrate from ADSL to UFB. The employee tells me that he's going to send me the new modem and someone is going to call me to arrange time and come to my address to check everything in 2 or 3 weeks.
- Then, 4 weeks later, without having any news from Vodafone, I call them, and then they tell me that UFB is not available at my address because the consents were not granted. Please!

I don't know who is speaking the truth: the first employee that told me that everything was ok or the last one that told me that they were waiting for consents.


And if you already know that the consents were not granted to my address since the beginning, why do you let the process proceed further?

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