Overdue account

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Overdue account

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4 Months ago I joined another company, however I get a bill today saying I owe you guys 400 dollars for the last few months, I havent had voda service in my house for months and months...the internet was cut as soon as slingshot was up and running, I dont know about the ph as nothing was olugged into that socket as slingshot has their own box thing. Also cant get into my account onliune to check what u have charged me for the last few months, my acc was only 30 something dollars when i left you guys.

Account number******

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Re: Overdue account

by Staff Manoj Staff
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Hi there,


I had a look at your account and we have not charged you since you signed up with another provider in August. The overdue amount is from past bills. Please call 0800 438448 to discuss this with the billing team.



I am from the fixed line faults team and I volunteer my time here. Not an official member of the Social Media Team.
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