Number of emails I can send

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Number of emails I can send

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I email a newsletter out every 2 months to 1700 members. 

A couple of years ago I was told that each email could only have a max of 99 recipients, and that I could only send to a total of 999 recipients per hour, otherwise it would be classed as spam.

Are these numbers still current?



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Re: Number of emails I can send

by Staff DarrynJ Staff
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Hi there Sally,


There has been a few recent changes in regards of high volume emails. The new limits are as listed below.


You can send to a maximum of 30 recepients from the webmail or 50 receiptients on a email client such as Outlook/Thunderbird, etc.


A total of 100 emails can be sent per hour to not be listed as spam, normally this service is supported more by our Enterprise/Business team which would require a business account.





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