No dial tone on landline with fibre

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No dial tone on landline with fibre

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Hi Just replaced the HG659 and hooked into Chorus ONT - now have internet/LAN/WiFi, but no longer have a dial tone on landline. The installation has a Chorus ONT plus a separate phone jack [square plug] - could the installation be a parallel fibre and copper connection, as the house has an alarm system that could be monitored by phone? How should this combination be wired for the phone? Thanks
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Re: No dial tone on landline with fibre

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Hi There,



This can get confusing over messages so best to contact our fibre faulting team on 0508 888 800 so they can talk you through the steps over the phone.  

Or try following these steps: You will need to do a Factory Reset of your HG659 modem so that the phone line come online in Telephone modem settings.  To do the modem factory reset correctly you will find these steps in the modems user guide booklet received in that modems box.  Once this has been done you can test whether the factory reset was done correctly by plugging the home phone in to PHONE 1 or TEL 1 port on that back of the HG659 modem and if you hear a dial tone then you know you have done this correctly.  You can either leave it connected into the back of the modem or you can connect one of the DSL cables that came in the modem box from one of the PHONE or TEL ports to the (square plug) Jack Point and then connect the home phone handsets back upto your house jack points.


All this can be done from our end ie; the factory reset etc, if you contact our fibre faulting team on the number provided above.


Regards ^JessieH

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