New Fibre Max nightmare

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New Fibre Max nightmare

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TLDR: Please reprovision my account, I am getting 15mb or less download speed. 3 different routers, many different devices (new iPod Touch's, pricey i7 gaming desktops). The fault is not on my side, but I will own it if it is, but so far you have not been able to find a fault on my end.


On January 18 January Fibre was installed into my property by Chorus.

What followed has been a nightmare.

The Vodafone modem never arrived. Because it was never ordered. Fine, that happens.

Prior to the modem arriving, I was using the old VDSL Huawei modem, which gave 470mbpup, 15mbpdown. Very odd, but we put it down to the old modem. So potiently waited for the new one to arrive.

That arrived, installed, same speeds.

I call VF and I get told it's the cabling. I guess if I turn the cable around I will get 470mbps down and 15mbps up (sarcasm)?

Anyway, a few weeks passed. Many long hours on the phone to VF tech support, blaming all sorts of technology at my house. From the WIFI, to the multiple devices connected, to the desktop PC I own, to the laptops and handhelds not being good enough. 

Funny thing is, I get 470mbps up (regardless of which way the traffic is, my desktop PC is able to handle that speed), so why can't it handle the same down? 

Second funny thing is, that the VDSL connection I had before gave no issues, zero! Down was consistently at 45down and 10 or 15 up.

Now why can't I get at least 40 down with Fibre? Why did it drop to 15? Nothing changed on my end excecpt the Fibre cable to the house.

You know that question that tech support always ask "has anything recently changed?". Yes! That Fibre cable coming into my house! Start by checking that!


Anyway, after a few weeks of these long phone calls, viola, i got 933mbps down and 470mbps up! Daaaaamn, what happened! Nothing changed on my end!

I was over the moon, lots of blood sweat and tears, but we are there. 


But wait, one day I do a speedtest, we are back to 15mbps down, 470mbps up. And let me make it crystal clear, when it is in this broken state, the internet down speeds are steady at 15mbps down. You can run it over and over, it doesn't change. Which to me smells like a provisioning issue of some sort. 


Anyway, I bought a new router, a $600 router (just so you know it's not some cheap crap). 

But with that I get the same silly download speed, infact, worse. I get 0.5mpbs down and 470mpbs up.


I have removed everything from the equation. I have unplugged everything, and just connected with a wireless iPod. Still get the same slow speed. I have tried various handheld/laptop devices.


I really, really need you to check the backend and tell me if I am provisioned correctly. Don't just check the front end and tell me it says I am on Fibre Max. These things break. What is shown on the front end with your customer service reps isn't neccesarily what plan I am on.

So please, plase reporvision me. Wipe my account, create a new one. Do something instead of telling me your end is fine. I feel so helpless. 

But no longer, if by Monday you have not at least tried reporvisioning or something to that effect, I will have to reconsider my options.

Please email me for my contact details I am currently overseas (I assume you can see my email under which this account is registered). I can't keep ringing from overseas. But I am sure you can call me this time. But whatever troubleshooting you need to do can be done on your end with the provisioning of my account.

I look forward to you contacting me once that is done!

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Re: New Fibre Max nightmare

by mimixyy Starter Poster
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Issue fixed.

Had to switch to another ISP because Vodafone refused to send out Chorus.
New ISP understood the issue, sent out Chorus. Replaced the fiber ONT. Issue fixed. Easy as that.

You know the best part? I had to pay cancellation fee after 3 months of no internet from Vodafone. You guys rock.
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