Moving to another BB provider - questions.

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Moving to another BB provider - questions.

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Hello, I have selected a new BB provider and moving from ADSL to fibre in the process. Some questions:


1. What is the notice period to cancel the Vodafone ADSL service?

2. Once I cancel Vodafone ADSL, how long before it actually stops working?

3. I also want to cancel Sky (currently provided by vodafone) at the same time. Do I cancel this via Vodafone or Sky?

4. What is the Sky cancellation period?

4. Again, once Sky is cancelled, how long before it stops working?

5. Again, once Sky is cancelled, how long before it stops working?

6. This will leave only my Home phone with Vodafone. Can I have a home phone with Voda without broadband? Or will the homephone be cancelled as well when I cancel BB and Sky?

7. If all I have with Vodafone is a home phone, what is the monthly cost?

8. Do I have to send back the Vodafone wireless modem/router (which I never even unpacked)?


Thanks to those who answer. And thanks Vodafone for the service for the past 10+ years. It is a pity that you couldn't match your competitors' fibre deals for an existing, loyal customer. It's painful to change but hopefully once we are through it, all will be good.



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Re: Moving to another BB provider - questions.

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Hey there!

If you're moving to a new ISP, I'd suggest not cancelling and instead contacting the new one to action a change over to them. This will generate the request to close services on our end at a particular time and date(to which would all depend on when your new ISP can get you connected). TV services will cancel when the broadband has and to which Sky will send out a tech to pick up the hardware. In regards to keeping the phone with us, yes you can but it would be more cost effective to move that with you to the new ISP too otherwise, check this link here for info on HomePhone only with us:

Sad to say goodbye but in case you only spoke with someone in store, I'd suggest contacting our dedicated sales and retention team as they might be able to offer you something that retail staff can't. Hope to keep you but if not, all the best with your new ISP Smiley Happy

RegardsCat Happy

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