Lose Internet daily on FibreX

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by sanhnivan New Poster
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just got this "Fibre X" last week and the internet has cut out at least once per day. was even worse before we got a static IP.

hoping it gets better but as a gamer, have any dropout at all is just not acceptable. Never had this problem with Cable 130/10 so it's not the old cable line that is the problem, it's this hybrid cable/fibre that is causing all the problems.
It's as if they convert the fibre signal to a cable signal at some node but that's cause all sorts of problems. They should have fixed this problem before rolling it out.

the speeds are real nice but honestly 130/10 with no dropouts is a hell of alot better than 700-900/90 speed with disconnects.
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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by slackmonkey Starter Poster
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Same boat here...


Was on the old 100/10 Cable paying $99/month... decided to move to the FibreX 200/20 on $89/month, been having atleast 3 ~ 5 times a week where internet just drops to really really slow speed, or just stops totally loading anything. 


I kinda regret moving to FibreX

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by rcn51 Starter Poster
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So just an update since my last rant...


I threw my toys at there consumer director as there complaints team did not reply to me.


As per usual, things got done very quickly. After another couple of weeks in investigating, they admitted this was a network problem nationwide. They completed some changes to my node and I am happy to say it has only probably cut out once since. It has now been a couple of months. Definitely much better.


They may do the same fix for those of you experiencing the problem but you may have to go up to executive level before anything actually gets done.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

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by nzjustin New Poster
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I have been using FibreX since Dec of 2016.I have got same issue here.

I spoke to VF ninja recently, they sent a tech to my home. Eventually, they found a rusty isolator somewhere on the cable line. To be honest, i don't know what isolator is for. They replaced that rusty isolator for me. It works fine since they replaced isolator and no more outage so far. I will still keep my eyes on it, will let you guy what happened.

Maybe it is good idea to book a tech visit, and check your line and modem throughly. 

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