Lose Internet daily on FibreX

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

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by MartySmallman Starter Poster
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@MikeHales Can we get some indication of when christchurch cabinets are having this issue fixed. For exact location my acct: no is [Removed].

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Will ask the question - I know the programme is going on now but don't have cabinet detail.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by MarkPeach Starter Poster
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Experienced another outage last night around 9:30pm...seemed to be the same type I'd had before. Wa up again in the monring. All the lights are on the modem but no connection. Didn't bother calling vf service desk, and didn't bother powering off and then on as it doesn't help. Also this is similar to the issues I've been experiencing before, so assume the Static IP isn't a short term solution as the technicians had advised. sigh.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by waitingforfibre New Poster
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Experiencing the same issues ever since I "upgraded" to Fibrex.


It drops out at various times of the day, sometimes not at all, sometimes frequently.

At times it's a little annoying at other times it's downright unusable.

I was very happy with my old cable service so expected this to be an improvement.


Very disappointed with FibreX, I've successfully persuaded a few people to not bother using it and stick with the older cable service.

At this stage I'm just waiting for proper fibre to be introduced in our area.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by kapiti_nigel New Poster
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Hi, I found this post by googling "fibre-x drops connection regularly" ! ... seems to be the same issue as everyone else.


Had been on the 130/10 cable plan for years with no issues at all... then upgraded to the 200/20 fibre-x with new cable modem and router, then started experiencing issues with IP address when it was renewed every sunday night which seemed to hang the conenction the next day until router was restarted , so went to a fixed IP address a few weeks back, now getting the regular - lights are all green but no connection type situation again ... as soon as i restart the cable modem its fine ......


Would be very keen for a permanant fix

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by JoshuaJoe Starter Poster
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Would just like to add my frustrations as well, we got FibreX installed a few weeks back and since we've been having frequent disconnects with our modem, not the router. Usually rebooting the modem only brings back the connection, and rebooting the router doesn't do anything if the modem isn't rebooted too. Happens with the stock Vodafone router provided too, wired or wireless. I'm out of options here, so a fix would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by TK123 Starter Poster
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Exactly the same story here.  I kept asking for more and more senior managers until I got the regional manager for Christchurch.  We had both no TV reception and no internet after chagning to Fibre 200.  It took one month for the TV reception to be fixed, and total incompetence on the part of Vodafone in trying to fix the internet issues. I managed to get a refund from them for lack of service, and you should demand this too for the poor internet you're getting.


It is now 2 months and the internet is still broken. The router needs rebooted daily or twice a day.  Vodafone will not trespond to my calls or emails any more.  The ostrich approach vodafone display is very effective in getting rid of problems I'm guessing.


I am now laying complaints against this company with the Telecommunications Complaints authority and the Commerce commission on the grounds of false advertising and lack of a reliable internet service.  They are offering an internet service which they can not deliver, this makes their advertising false because the Fibre 200 system is actually not really all fibre.  It's a mixture of fibre and cable.  The cable tends to be old and slow and according to some techs I talked to Wetas love to eat the insulation on the cables letting water get into the cable and making it unreliable ( not sure I believe the story though).  A true fibre service should be reliable, vodafone's fibre 200 is not a true fibre service..


The other problem is that the Huwei routers they install for their fibre 200 service are total rubbish, and I have had lengthy conversations with both contractors and subcontractors about this issue.  I will be changing their router soon to see if the service improves. A friend changed to a high quality commercial router and no more reboot issues.  Unfotunately this is an expensive fix and Vodafone should have been charged the upgrade costs. It was the only way he could get reliable internet in the end.  The other issue with Vodafones routers is that they have remote control of the router and can toggle them on and off whenever they want.  Getting your own router stops them doing this.. They don't like it by the way and if you get a visit from the tech, they will try and reinstall the old vodafone router.


Somehow I don't think Vodafone really give a S**T about their customers from my personal experience with them.  But if all else fails try a better router and hope that works for you.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by jknz New Poster
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Just want to add In.  That I'm habving the same issue in Wellington, Seatoun .


FibreX 200  


and I have to reboot my modem at least once every 2-3 days. 


Its getting really annoying 


Vodafone is there a permanent fix coming for this? 


Its getting to the point where I'm happy to pay the early break contract fee and sign up with fibre with someone else, now that theres fibre in the street. 


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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

by rcn51 Starter Poster
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Im going to add my 5cents to this thread. 


It has been almost a month and half since I switch to the Fibre X 200 service and this is cutting out every week. To this date, Vodafone does not know what the issue is nor do are they nearing a solution. They didn't want a bar of it at all as I was using a TP Link C9 Archer router. It would cut out and the only way I could regain service was to actually restart the Technicolor cable modem. Restarting the TP Link router did NOT fix the issue. Yet somehow they were still thinking that this could be an issue with using a third party modem. A Downer technician came and swapped out the Technicolor moden just in case and even he said the basic troubleshooting I completed confirms it is not my routers. 


So eventually, just to prove them wrong, I switched back to the HG659 modem they have provided for the last week and guess what? It occured today again. 


They keep telling me that there specialist teams have tried to re-create the issue and they were unable to. Now the one thing I keep telling them is that this happens at random times and days of the week (have been keeping a log) yet they don't sem to understand that. There so called "specialist teams" continue to try and replicate the issue expecting it to happen in one day. 


Working in I.T, I have knowledge in networking and how it all works. I have suggested them several things they can look at and yet to hear so I will post there response here. Hopefully they reply with a decent response apart from "our specialist teams could not replicate this issue" which has been the standard response so far.


I did not encounter any of these issues in the old Warp Speed service.


If you are looking to switch to the Fibre X service from Warp Speed or just planning to switch as a new customer, DON'T. I would not recommend it until they figure out what the actual problem is.


If the response is not adequate, I will be raising it to there consumer director directly which I have done in the past and got results.

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Re: Lose Internet daily on FibreX

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by RyanClemens Starter Poster
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Yeah nowhere near as stable as the old 100/10 service. Things have appeared to be getting better though recently in the Hutt as it's been fine for some weeks until a couple of nights ago. Not too much of a problem overall but slightly annoying. Probably done just over a dozen restarts over the last four or so months that I've had it and the router has done a bit of weirdness one time with the WIFI basically transferring at KBps rather than MBps..  Are they still using the HG658c for new Fibre X installs? As soon as something newer comes up I want to upgrade. Newer stuff is almost always problematic.. But I certainly wouldn't tell people to stay away from it.

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