KiwiVoip with 300joiningcredit VDSL promotion

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KiwiVoip with 300joiningcredit VDSL promotion

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Hi there, 


We are using KiwiVoip with the current provider (Actrix), but I am just wondering if that is going to work well with the unlimited Vodafone broadband or whether you're using some sort of CG-NAT (or so) which will make my VoIP life an issue.


Additionally, I wasn't able to find out if there is a possibility to have Private IP or Public IP added to the plan and what the cost would be.


And also, I have Ex. Vodafone VDSL modem (Huawei hg659), do I need a new device then or can I use my own one?



Thank you for your response.


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Re: KiwiVoip with 300joiningcredit VDSL promotion

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I believe Vodafone currently issue publicly routable IPs for ADSL, VDSL and FibreX/Fibre broadband connections. They can offer a static IP for an extra monthly fee.


If you are switching from Actrix VDSL to Vodafone VDSL I would not expect there to be the need to reconfigure the modem as the existing Internet_VDSL interface should already be set up.

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