Internet becoming a joke

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Internet becoming a joke

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by Frequent Poster LifeSteala Frequent Poster
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I am an ex. Telstraclear customer on the cable network.


Recently (about 3 weeks ago) I upgraded my plan to your unlimited 50/2 connection and since then I've had useless internet. Here's a summary:


  1. Either daily or every second day I've had to reboot my modem once or twice. Speeds would automatically drop from 49mbps to like 5mbps. A restart fixes the problem for a day or two. 
    When I was on Telstraclear, I never rebooted my modem.
  2. Since upgrading, my ping to servers increased by 40ms which came right just a couple of days ago. Upgrading plans shouldn't have affected latency.
  3. In the last five days, every single morning my modem goes into frenzy mode and reboots itself literally 8 times. When it's stable I'm on a 8mbps connection. I have to turn it off for five minutes before I get back to 49mbps.
    When I was on Telstraclear, I never had any speed drops.
  4. Every now and again my Cisco modem will run with two orange lights which means low voltage which causes a significant reduction in speeds. Another reboot is required to fix this.

I should NOT have to spend all my time rebooting the modem. 


I once rang Vodafone and the representative literally told me "You need to reboot everyday". (This was some months ago) Really? Never had to on Telstraclear.


I work from home, working with servers and on the web is crucial to my business. I've not complained till date because I understand how things work technically.


But now, it's becoming a massive joke, especially for the premium price I pay. 


What exactly am I paying for, Vodafone? Please answer this question.

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Re: Internet becoming a joke

by Frequent Poster LifeSteala Frequent Poster
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Even as we speak, my modem went on a reboot frenzy. Look at my speeds:


Now I need to reboot it. My point is, I don't mind rebooting but every day? Sometimes twice a day?

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Re: Internet becoming a joke

by HC New Poster
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Rebooting all the time and slow slow slow speeds.


I am on 10/100

Compling now and they ask me to do a tracert for speed testing..   How will that test speed only hops.


Then they say we dont support wireless in the house so the y speed test are wrong.  Had to explain....


These were taken from my router so only Vodafone gear ( excpet RJ45 cable ) Only took me 5 times to explain it was not touching my LAN only WAN




Will update people more once i have spoken to 3rd level support as they promissed to call me back within 48 hours.


Never did last time willl see..


Vodafone you must be so embrassed  

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Re: Internet becoming a joke

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I have spent many... many hours on the phone to Vodafone and been passed from one person to another yet still no resolution. I have to say that the phone support for Vodafone has to be the worst in the world and coming from Telstraclear as a customer I'm very disappointed, as their support was much better and more customer focussed. There is no know issue on the Network status page and the customer zone for existing Telstraclear customer is rubbish. Unfortunately it's like Vodafone are more interested in getting new customers rather than keeping the ones they have. If not sorted soon I will seriously consider moving to another vendor.


I have made 18 calls in regards to this matter of my Slow Internet and all i get is restart the modem, i had never needed to restart it when i was with Telstraclear and now i am getting extremely frustrated because i am not getting the product i am paying for. 


Resolve this issue now or face being taken to the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution

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Re: Internet becoming a joke

by Senior Contributor shadow Senior Contributor
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Goto and look for the Krapi Cable Congestion thread, its been running for over a year.


In short since Netflix came onto the scene the Cable Network has been suffering major congestion, esp around peak times.

They did upgrades to all the cable nodes but this has not relieved the congestion.


They are meant to be upgrading the network to DOCSIS 3.1 which can offer upto gigabit speed, I'm not sure if this is still happening or not

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