Incorrect billing every month since changing to fibre!

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Incorrect billing every month since changing to fibre!

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After nearly 20 years of being an ihug, then vodafone customer I recently upgraded my service to a Fibre connection.  It is a good service but the shocking service i have received from Vodafone to get it done is incredible!


To start with to get the fibre connection for some reason I cannot understand I had to create a completely new account, with new customer number, new login, everything. However that was no big problem in the scheme of things.


Now for the past 3 months I have been overcharged by anything ranging from $25 to $75 a month!  I have talked to at least 4 people in the Philippines about my billing problems, including last time an "account manager".  Each assured me that the problems were now fixed and they wouldn't happen again.  Until my next account when AGAIN there are strange charges and billings that shouldn't be there!  Luckily when I first got my fibre order I asked for an email showing exactly what I would be charged.  This has been invaluable when arguing my case with customer "service" representatives.


The fact that I am in Dunedin and am getting the special Gigatown charges seems to completely flummox the people I talk to, as I guess they have never heard of Dunedin, let alone the Gigatown competition!


Is there anyone in New Zealand that has some ability to change my charges and will understand what I am talking about, that can fix my bill once and for all!?


Changing to Fibre should have been such a simple thing to do, but I have had nothing but stress since doing it!  Help!!

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Re: Incorrect billing every month since changing to fibre!

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Hi There,


One of our teams will be able to get this addressed and rectified for you, if you could email us or Private Message our Vodafone facebook page with your account details one of our billing specialist will pick that up and advise you over those emails or PM's on the utcome here.  


Sorry for the recent experiences you have had on trying to get this sorted.


Regards  JessieH

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