Huawei HG659 - laptop won't find

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Huawei HG659 - laptop won't find

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We have had fibre at home here in Tauranga for around 3 weeks now.  All laptops and phones have connected very easily, no problems at all.  We've got the HG659 router.


As of today, and today only, our 2 laptops no longer will find the signal on our list of wifi signals...... just gone.  Phones and tablets are still fine.


Any suggestions?  Cheers, Corey.

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Re: Huawei HG659 - laptop won't find

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Hi Corey!

Thanks for your message here and sorry it's taken a while to respond. Could be a number of things that's caused it but the easiest thing to test is(Seeing as it's happened seemingly out of the blue) is to restart the modem and all the affected devices, should that not work, you'll need to go into the modem and check the configuration settings for the wifi. For details on how to do that, check this link here:

Let us know how you get on! Smiley Happy

^Zane Cat Happy

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