Huawei HG659 2.4 GHZ wifi doesn't work anymore

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Re: Huawei HG659 2.4 GHZ wifi doesn't work anymore

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yipee wrote:

There appears to be a few threads on this issue dating as far back as 2 years:


Has a solution been found? If so, what do we need to do?

I just ended up calling the technical support team (was a good hour or so), but in the end they just ended up sending me a free replacement router since the one I had barely lasted a year - and was 6 months overdue in the process too there wasn't really much questions asked after the intial testing that the router was pretty much faulty anyway.. Just make sure you avoid the retention team or w/e if you decide to call them up, go straight to the technical team. I was billed for it too, but another quick call to them and they managed to wipe it clean off my next months bill.

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Re: Huawei HG659 2.4 GHZ wifi doesn't work anymore

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. . .


There are actually 235 distinct links with HG659 in the URL, according to an advanced search of - so the problem is widespread as well as long standing.


My problem is that neither SSID shows up on my Android, WinPhone8 or laptop with win10, after working without a single glitch (and at some range) for some weeks.


Tried WifiInfo 2.00 but doesn't show up there either. I can get my neighbour's vodafone signal quality at 68, and a netcomm at 100 but no sign of the two main SSID or the guest network, which I've also tried enabling.


Tried a reboot of the modem, two resets, via button at the back and the online interface. 


I can understand other signals interfering with any of the four channels but not the complete absence of all four channels when WifiInfo shows as many as nine other modems in the area.


Please Vodafone, get back to us please. Here is my original post

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Re: Huawei HG659 2.4 GHZ wifi doesn't work anymore

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I am now having the same issues 2.4Ghz doesn't 5Ghz does. Factory reset from the web interface still the same, called vadafone and advice hard reset from the back of the modem still the same. My Windows can scan all device neaby just not my own Wifi, SII/SIII/ Nexus smartphone no longer connect is well. tried changing channels/ disable QOS etc to static still not visable. What to do next?

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