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Vodafone is blackmailing us and I am very angry. Why should I have to spend hours redoing my contacts etc when for years you have been taking my money. I have issues with the fact that my husband and I both use the ihug address and now with you wanting to bounce us both our mail will be combined. We may wish our seperate contacts to just send to us, as in Manage my Health" We will need to open another account and the iPad doesn't do outlook. So we will have only gmail, if something goes wrong with it we don't have an alternative one for contact or one our friends can use. 

I would like to get rid of Vodafone but you are blackmailing us by saying you will only bounce people who are Vodafone users. This means you can charge us more than other providers and get away with it. - as we cannot change our address and provider with out losing old friends or contacts we do not have on our list but who remember our address  we gave them years ago and may want to contact us again. Changing an email address is a nightmare as my brother has found out, he has lost contact with friends and has been missed off invitations because they used his old one. 

Shame on you Vodafone. You have caused your customers a great deal of stress and trouble.

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Thanks for your post. I am sorry for the hassle the change will cause. I will help in any way I can. Please message me - click on my name - if you have separate ihug email addresses then that won't need to change.


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