Home wifi short term whilst waiting for fibre

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Home wifi short term whilst waiting for fibre

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HI there, we have an order for fibre to my son's flat in Wellington where he is trying to study without internet!  The fibre has been booked but not till May 2017 aggghhh.  Can the boys have Vodafone Home wireless broadband set up until the fibre is ready and then cancel that contract and move to Fibre contract with Vodafone?

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Re: Home wifi short term whilst waiting for fibre

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It is possible to get Home Wireless Broadband in the mean time, however, you would either need to signup on a 12 month contract, and when the move to fibre is done, there would be a $199 early termination charge, or you can sign up on open term, but you would need to pay $199 up front for the modem, and can cancel anytime with no extra charge. 

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