Home Phone Wireless Hardware

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Home Phone Wireless Hardware

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I have recently signed up to the wireless home phone service.

1) can you swap the sim to a nano type so you can use a cellphone rather than the home phone equipment that's supplied.

2) where can you buy additional handsets
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Re: Home Phone Wireless Hardware

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1 - No, you cannot, The Home Phone Wireless is designed to work as a home phone, not a mobile, so the SIM is locked to only work in a Home Phone Wireless device. Even if you put the SIM in another phone that takes a standard size SIM, it won't connect to the network.


2 - Additional handsets need to be purchased from a Vodafone store. The Huawei F688 can only be paired with another F688 if you want them both to ring at once with the same number. The cost for this is $149.

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