High Speed Cable Broadband

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High Speed Cable Broadband

by kcab08 Starter Poster
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I recently [as in yesterday] upgrade my broadband to high speed cable [was talked into it be Vodafone]. Vodafone supplied a new router an HG659 and regretably I can not get my mikrotik router to work with the new cable modem.  


The performance of the high speed cable and the supplied modem is appling, it is worse than what I had [which actually worked ok]. I am seeing download / upload speeds 39Mb and 9Mb [plugged into the router on fixed cable]. The HG659 has terrible wireless performance [yes i have changed bands, but it makes no difference]. I think I am also at the capacity of the box with 14 devices [10 fixed and 4 wireless].


Has anyone sucessfully connected a Mikrotik to a high speed cable modem. It used to work fine with my old cable modem, differnces being I no longer have a fixed IP address and the new modem requires VLAN10 tagging. I am loath to phone their call centre.

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Re: High Speed Cable Broadband

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@kcab08This is confusing you posted in mobile broadband but speaking about High speed cable?


When you mention high speed cable I take you mean the HFC network that is located in the Wellington and Chch region?



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Re: High Speed Cable Broadband

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I am on the Vodafone cable service in Kapiti Wellington [previousily TelstraClear].  I do not know its technical name. Did not notice I was in the worng froum. Please feel free to move the query to the correc t forum.

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Re: High Speed Cable Broadband

by Staff ChrisVF Staff
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The critical modem settings are described here (under FibreX), if your Mikrotik supports those I can't see any reason why it wouldn't connect.

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