For the fifth time, no internet after moving house

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For the fifth time, no internet after moving house

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I called Vodafone 3 weeks in advance to make sure they sort out internet connection at my new address. They assured me it will all be set up and working by the time I move into my new address. It's 48 hours now and it still isn't working after 2 calls to the technical support, without any help. It pisses me off that this is the 5th time I have had the same issue when relocating.

Has anyone had this problem, if yes how was it resolved? Does anyone know about other Internet service providers out there, if they are any better?

BTW, I have tried all ports available in the house, still no internet.
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Re: For the fifth time, no internet after moving house

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The answer to your question about better internet providers depends on what internet you have. ADSL, VDSL, Cable or Fibre. If you are more specific then maybe someone can help you.


I recently replaced Vodafone (ADSL) with MyRepublic (fibre) and I couldn't be more pleased with the level of service and the fact that when you call MyRepublic, you talk to someone HERE (not in the phillipines or wherever the dickens Vodafone support people are). With MR you can chat online and everything is resolved in a single contact. At least for me this has been the case. YMMV.


I have dropped Voda for internet (myrepublic), voda phone (myrepublic), voda ihug email (gmail), voda mobile (to a mix of providers), voda sky (back to sky) after being with Vodafone since they first came to NZ. This last year with Vodafone has been diabolical, culminating in them accidentally cutting off my home phone and taking 10 days (!!!) to reconnect it. 


However I must say, one good thing about Vodafone is this community. People genuinely try to help with the best of intentions but are hamstrung by the complete ineptitude elsewere within Vodafone.


I'm not a great fan of Sky either to be fair (their monopolistic charging model) but it has been reliable and it will be intreesting to see whether Vodafone screw that up now that the have purchased it.


Good luck.


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Re: For the fifth time, no internet after moving house

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@mohndayak same issue.. had rung them a couple of weeks out but had to wait another week.. just keep ringing and ask for updates.. seemed to work for me. 😊
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