Firmware update for Vodafone wireless modem (HG659)

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Firmware update for Vodafone wireless modem (HG659)

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We are rolling out an upgrade to the Vodafone wireless modem (aka Vodafone HomeHub). This upgrade (version B026) resolves some identified issues and improves stability, performance and usability of the modem.


The firmware release will be deployed automatically to all eligible devices from the start of the month.


If you would like to install the update yourself, the instructions and download link are all in this Vodafone wireless modem FAQ.

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Re: Firmware update for Vodafone wireless modem (HG659)

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I've got no facility to update the firmware.

I've lost the 2.4ghz network that I rely on for my work. It's just ... gone. My presumption is I need a firmware upgrade, and I've downloaded it for my HG659, but there is nowhere to tell the router to pick it up? Device Management just has Reboot and Restore Factory Settings.


What's happened?

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