Fibre installation issues

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Fibre installation issues

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Our fibre installation has been one disaster after another.

The final straw was the failure of Vodafone to deliver the modem in time for the install to be completed by the enable workmen when they did the internal part of the install.

My understanding was the job wasn't finished until we were disconnected from our current service which was going to be a 5 minute job when he installed the modem. He couldn't do it when he was here as we would have lost our internet and without the new modem we couldn't connect to the new fibre. Ever single step along the way we have had to wait i for them to come even with agreed times. They didn't bother to contact us to explain delays and why they were late jus tleft us sitting around waiting. 

All I am gettting now from Vodafone is you can install it yourself.

Not what was agreed when we signed up and I am over the whole thing.

Emails are unanswered. I called and then I received texts from someone who after two texts immediately stopped replying to my questions. 


All I want to know nownis how do I return the modem? 

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Re: Fibre installation issues

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Sorry to hear it @RC104 Smiley Sad

We're you wanting to return the modem as you're cancelling the request to get Fibre or for some other reason? Generally fibre technicians are supposed to carry a modem/router for cases like this where it hadn't yet arrived at your end from us so that they can continue the install. Obviously this hasn't happened here so we'll pass that on to Enable as it's not how it's supposed to work.

Let me know if you still haven't heard anything and I'll see if I can get someone to look into this one for you.


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Re: Fibre installation issues

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Finally spoke with someone on Friday who had the tech out in half an hour. So all connected up now. Still an incredibly frustrating process.
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