Fibre install timeline/process?

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Fibre install timeline/process?

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 Hi All


My wife and I have just bought our first home in NZ, having moved from the UK recently. Processes are a little different back there so I'm a bit confused by the timeline I have on our fibre tracking.


Basically, we have a connect date of the 19th May (Friday).


However I'm under the impression before everything can be connected, I have to agree a date for a technician to come out and check things over? I've had no contact with Vodafone in arranging this, so my questions are: Is it normal to leave things to the last moment, and is the 19th may actually just the day the engineer will come out to check things, and realistically we'll end up with fibre several days later?


I've attached a screenshot of our tracking status!Fibre.GIF


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Re: Fibre install timeline/process?

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The first visit is to check/confirm the connection that will be made from the street to your house - if the old phone conduit is still active and a snake can pull the new fiber line through, then its very easy!

So the first visit is to flesh those things out..and the 2nd is generally to finish the install of the fiber box (ONT) inside your house - and to connect to your isp.

Just remember...every house is different....and obsitcles may come make sure your onsite for the first visit.


I would not recommed vodafone though - i have had to call many times to try to get my speed corrected...and just keep going around in circles getting illogical answers from people who clearly do not really know what they are doing.


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