Fibre & VOIP

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Fibre & VOIP

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by Contributor dgwills Contributor
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Do VOIP lines come standard with Voice Mail or do you need to rely on an Answer Phone machine ?

If It comes as standard, how do you set it up ?


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Re: Fibre & VOIP

by Staff MsChaoticX Staff
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Hi there,


No VOIP don't come standard, it's an added billable feature per month.


Are you wanting it added on your acc?



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Re: Fibre & VOIP

by StevenWang New Poster
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I have recently bought a Vodafone Fibre package with two VoIP provided. I have difficulty to make it working with my PBX system-Samsung OfficeServ 7100. The phone call will drop after 10 seonds  and then phone will become unusable for a few minutes. Does anyone try to use VoIP phone with PBX system?

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