Cost of Vodafone broadband without Sky

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Cost of Vodafone broadband without Sky

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After many requests I finally received a call from Voda about the availability of Fibre and package prices, He told me that Vodafone was the cheapest when you take their subsidised Sky service into account (which is probably true). 


However, and this is the surprising part, the chap stated that the cost of Voda's broadband packages are higher than their competitors and can't be competitive without the Sky component. Even for longtime Voda customers. 


I wasn't sure I was hearing things properly so I asked this, just to be sure: "So if I don't have or want Sky, then it is cheaper to leave Vodafone and sign up with one of your competitors?" to which he said "Yes. It is a decision that our marketing department has made and there is no ability to negotiate a deal that matches the competitors, if you don't have Sky.". 


Wow. So there you have it. If you don't have Sky, you are simply better off moving. From the horse's mouth.

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Re: Cost of Vodafone broadband without Sky

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Thanks - this is exactly what I was trying to confirm! Also note there is a catch when you get Sky with Vodafone - you won't have access to all the channels you'd get if you are a direct sky customer. I recently came to know this the hard way when I tried to subscribe to some foreign channels and was told by Sky that I can't have them because it's not part of the deal with Vodafone. Hence, I am going to cancel my Sky with Vodafone (after almost 7 years) and go directly with Sky - which then makes Vodafone the most expensive ISP, so I am also switching ISPs (a competitor is cheaper and they even give $110 credit).

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Re: Cost of Vodafone broadband without Sky

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Hi there,


Apologies for the experience that you had with the representative that called you regarding fibre availability.


I can assure you that you can get fibre with or without Sky, the prices and the availability of fibre are available here. Also if you would like to dicuss the different types of deals that we have, the best option would be contact our sales team on 0508 888 800.


Thank you 



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Re: Cost of Vodafone broadband without Sky

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Thanks for this. There is nothing to apologise for w.r.t. your representative. He simply told the truth - that without bundling Sky with your broadband, you aren't price competitive. The webpage you directed me to supports that when I compare this to other provider's offerings.


Personally I would have thought Voda would do more to retain their loyal customers. Being a Vodafone customer for probably 15+ years seems to count for little. And there is probably a cancellation fee as well, when I choose my preferred provider.


Vodafone seems more interested in trying to woo new customers than retaining those already won.







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