Clearnet spam/email

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Clearnet spam/email

by Dudz Starter Poster
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Checked Email for spam today, 11th June 2017.

No spam mail. Maybe Vodafone have finally fixed their filters or spammers have the day off.

Be pleased if I do not get any more spam, even tho mine was minimal compared to other users.

Missed out on getting important email on time tho. 

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Re: Clearnet spam/email

by DavidBeverleyMeade Starter Poster
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 Today the 13th and the spam keeps comming, WHEN will this be fixed????????

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Re: Clearnet spam/email

by Community Manager Community Manager
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We are in the process of fixing and a full fix is this week. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Re: Clearnet spam/email

by sisyphia Starter Poster
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For several months now, I and many other customers have been receiving unacceptable amounts of spam. Vodafone claims that it is working to reduce this problem. However, the spam continues to flow into our spam folders and some shows up in our inboxes. Other email accounts I have (e.g. my gmail account and my work email account) do not seem to have this problem. This creates the appearance that Vodafone is not capable of dealiing with spam as effectively as other service providers. Please Vodafone, at the very least, update your spam filters to screen out anything with the word Xenical in the subject header! And please do not suggest that I forward spam emails to Vodafone's missed spam account, as I am using webmail and Vodafone does not provide a way to report spam directly from webmail accounts.

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Re: Clearnet spam/email

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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New filters are in place and I can say for myself that there has been a dramitic drop in spam to my inbox BUT there will always be spam in the spam folder...THATS what its there for. To catch spam emails and also any false positive that may be caught.

This will happen with ANY ISP even Gmail and Outlook.


Its a pain that there is no way to forward these that make it to the inbox via webmail.


Its possible that your clearnet account has been used on some website (like adobe or linkden) and thats been hacked at some point. Mine was Adobe (registered software!)

You can check here to see what site was compromised.


For myself it was the clear account but my gmail is fine as I havent used it anywhere thats been comprimised (well not yet!)


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