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Re: spam levels

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by Frequent Poster Stevie Frequent Poster
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@MikeHalesDid you receive my message on Geekzone, regarding this spam issue?


I was advised to create a new email, on Hotmail or Gmail for example. It is not exactly the solution I'm looking for.

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Typical Vodafone.


Nothing from them to say theres a problem....NOTHING to say we are working on it.


ONCE AGAIN customers arre being bombarded with spam and whats Vodafone doing ????

God only knows.

Theres even nothing on the Service Status page to say theres a problem with spam levels

I also believe that legit emails are not getting through.


A communication company who are repeatably stupid at communiacting.



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Re: spam levels

by Community Manager Community Manager
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Once again, apologies.

I've been in contact with the engineers and they're both aware of the issue and working on it actively. The challenge is we are adding capacity to the recently installed spam filter setup - which is in progress (couple of weeks) - and occasionally the overflow has gone through our previous setup, hence some spam getting through.

So, once again, sorry for not updating sooner but wanted to make sure I had all the facts first.

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Thanks Mike BUT frankly its just another worthless comment from Vodafone.


WHY should we beleive this latest "story".


This has been going on since April (for me anyway) and I have lost ALL respect for your company.


Your the only one giving answers to this. To that I thank you. You are the meat in the sandwich


I lodged a complaint about this issue and even then I DID NOT HEAR from anyone in a managerial position !!



Little managers burying thier heads in the sand in a desperate attempt to make it go away


I do not beleive that Vodafone will fix this problem completely.

I beleive that you (as a company) do not have the mindset and capacity to stop simple out right spam emails from getting through.

Everyone else on this thead probably agrees.

They are fed up


When I see a full month (30 days) that I do not receive ONE spam email (like it was prior to April) THEN and only then will i think "perhaps" Vodafone has fixed the problem.


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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster rotospotz Regular Poster
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I have been having problems ( excluding the June outrage ), for a couple of weeks now. All they will tell me is "

Thank you for getting in touch. We sorry for the inconvenience caused to your email services. 
 I do understand your concerns around this ongoing issue; we have pinpointed delivery delay to the known spam issue. Please be advised that our team are actively working on both immediate & medium-term solutions to mitigate the spam issues.
Since it is an ongoing issue for us we do not have a specific timeframe as to when it will be resolved but it is definitely something that we are taking seriously to fix as soon as possible.  
At this stage, because this is causing a major disruption to your email services. I would recommend using an alternative email service for the time being to send/receive emails by using email serivce providers such as Hotmail, Outlook or Gmail.
Once again we are truly sorry for the frustration this has caused. Please let me know if there is anything else I can assist with. "
Which needless to say is standfare from a Helpdesk person. Last nite I replied, including FairGo & someone at NZ Herald.
Most but not all of the problems they are creating for me, are for emails from Trademe. Which is mind boggling!. Why any ISP should treat those emails as "spam" is a good indication, that they are not in control of the situation. And probably won't be for the forseable future. They are even unable to find & forward said emails to me when I ask & they agree to do.
It's also worthy of noting that there is not "network outage" message on the Network Status info they provide.
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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster rotospotz Regular Poster
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this is their latest

The current issue you are facing with your emails is known by Vodafone and we are currently working to remedy this as a priority.
The issue is that our servers are currently flooded with SPAM which is resulting in delays of emails being sent and received as well as high numbers of SPAM emails for our customers, this has also affected some emails being undelivered because of a few platforms blacklisting our servers due to the spam. This is an ongoing issue and it is beyond our control as it is the other platforms blacklisting us. We are regularly controlling the spam but due to the complexity of the issue, it cannot be controlled all at once.
My suggestion would be to use gmail or hotmail as your email providers to guarantee the receiving and sending of the emails.
Since it is an ongoing problem for us we do not have a specific timeframe as to when it will be resolved but it is definitely something that we are taking seriously to fix as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience while we get the problem rectified.

on the problem.

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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster Julie2 Regular Poster
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Of course .. it's really simple just to switch provider to gmail or hotmail, and update everyone who currently holds your email addy as clearnet .... NOT.      If it was that dam simple I would simply be ditching Vodafone altogether and switching..

it is obvious it is not being given a priority and I feel those of us at clear and paradise just need to accept that they don't want them anymore and start the change process... very dissapointing. My question still remains. If this was happening on the main Vodafone server how quickly would it be fixed ?

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Re: spam levels

by Frequent Poster anzac1957 Frequent Poster
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Pages of spam in the webmail spam folder for paradise again today.. that doesn't even include all the extras getting through their so called filters..


Global company who don't care about the customers that pay their way..

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Re: spam levels

by MikeHarvey47 Starter Poster
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I must say I am seeing an improvement in the filter classification on clear/paradise in last few days. Only one spam came thru the filters in the last 3 days but still around 150 spams a day coming into my spam box.  I hope its a sign that Vodafone will be able to get spam management sorted.

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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster fredA Regular Poster
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If the spam is in the webmail spam folder, that isn't a problem is it?  That's where it's supposed to go.  It's spam in your actual inbox that's the issue.  I get a couple through to my inbox each day, and another 5 to 10 that get weeded out by my security programme (ESET Smart Security) locally on my PC.  I can live with those numbers.  It's the apparent problem that some people are having with late delivery of legitimate emails that is a serious issue, at least in my view.


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