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Re: spam levels

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I'm very sorry to hear that spam odds on the rise. I will review the complaint and pass that upwards. Additionally, I will check I with the email engineers to get an update.


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Re: spam levels

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by JulieS Starter Poster
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Yes, I too, have been experiencing high volumes of spam in my inbox. I think there are 10 spam to 1 actual email. Spam folder still accummulating masses of spam, which I am deleting regularly throughout the day. I am in the process of changing my email account as I have run out of patience. My clearnet webmail is no longer 'fit for purpose'. I am also in the process of changing ISPs, which has not been an easy decision. I kept hoping that the situation would improve, and after about 4 months it hasn't.

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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Yeah since 7:40 am when I turned on the laptop till now (11:19am) I have had 12 spam emails to the inbox.

Thats one every 18 minutes !!!

At this rate i'll get more than when everything crashed back in the beginning of June !


I to have lost patience with Vodafone and this ongoing fiasco.

I also agree that clearnet email system is NOT fit for purpose.


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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster Julie2 Regular Poster
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Yes me too .. in the process of changing to another ISP and email addy .. it's disgusting how we are expected to put up with this. I can't help thinking that it is part of the 'plan' to close the clearnet and paradise servers down  altogether. If this level of spam was happening on main Vodafone emails it would not be tolerated.. I wonder if they expect us to pay our bills?

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Re: spam levels

by MikeHarvey47 Starter Poster
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The on-going  spam situation on and is ridiculous.

Have engineers got tired out and stopped working round the clock?


Spark are taking email spam firewalls seriously

Google also


It would be useful for Vodafone customers to know:

Why the situation exists?

What technical solutions are proposed to fix it?

When these solutions will be implemented, it's been 3 or 4 months now of problems?




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Re: spam levels

by DavidBeverleyMeade Starter Poster
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1st july and spam keeps comming in at least 30 in the last 24 hrs, come on vodafone FIX your filters this is driving me crazy

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Re: spam levels

by PhilPearson New Poster
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The spam emails seeme to be increasing (29) as of the 28th June. 1st of July I have received another 17 spams this morning.

I really hope you (vodafone) don't have the audacity to send out a bill for this disasterous state of affairs.

I think along with your other clear and paradise customers I have been more than patient with you - nothing seems to have changed over the last three months.

The weak excuse that your engineers are working on the issues - "are they"? along with the worthless apologies and deadlines to have the issue sorted you keep throwing out.

I see you were very quick to congratulate Emirates Team NZ on their win, yet your core customers who pay your wages are left in the dark.

If other ISP's can control this sort of attack perhaps you should lower yourselves to go and ask for help - remember the add "it's OK to ask for help". Do the right thing for your customers.

Can you not put a filter on specific words that will block these spams - surely it can't be that hard for words like viagra, penisole, levitra, depression, etc.

Ever thought of telling us the truth for a change.


This is my plan:

* I am not paying any more of your bills until the issue is resolved and I would encourage all those affected to start a revolt against vodafone, 'together we can be strong'

* I am going to the Newspapers and highlight how weak you have been on this issue - empty promises, I have kept all the spams all 427 so far.

* I am going to change providers because you seem to refuse to engage with those affected, I would suggest others do the same as well.

What you are doing vodafone is theft by charging us for a service that does not work.

What weak excuse will Mark Hales come up with next.

Thoroughly over you vodafone.

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Re: spam levels

by JulieS Starter Poster
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Just checked my clearnet webmail this morning from clearing all spam around 1am. Inbox - 20 spam and no actual real email. Spam folder - 39 spam. Conclusion = I do not have an email account as I understand it. Instead, I have a spam account that I pay for as part of my overall package. This does not compute.

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Re: spam levels

by mikedon1 Starter Poster
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Yep! Back to the same old same old. Had a couple of weeks with very little spam but now its back with a vengeance. Maybe the previous team left Vodafone on 1 July and the new bunch have a slow learning curve, before they too will leave.

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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster Julie2 Regular Poster
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Vodafone .. can you actually give us an answer as to why it's so difficult to fix? I am just a little tired of the answers that you will check , that you will escalate the complaint. What is the issue? Can someone come back to us with this?

i would also like an answer re costs for the email service. Obviously no one should be paying anything when their email address is virtually unusable. 

Its been a few months now and no one is actually answering our concerns. Is this something that we need to go to something like Fair Go to look at on our behalf? How do others feel?

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