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Re: spam levels

by Regular Poster Julie2 Regular Poster
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Sorry Mike .. it's not any different.. I've been told that the 'spam' folder deletes all every three days ? It's the ones that come through to my inbox that are the  problem.

please... honestly when can you expect to fix this ? I don't think it is being given a very high priority .

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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So whats happened to the "spam filters" again ??


Getting more spam through this morning !!


Saturday - 55

Sunday - 2  (hey they're working again!)

Monday - 1 (brillant)

Tuesday so far since 6am (this posted at 7:53am) - 9 !!  -  You gotta be kidding me !!


Come on. Are they still working on **bleep** or what ??



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Re: spam levels

by MikeHarvey47 Starter Poster
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Likewise, I'm getting something like 3:1 spam:ham at the moment and around 100 spams a day, much of it filling up my allocation being delivered to my spam folder. 


If Vodafone is serious about running an email service, surely they can implement some front end filtering to ensure that only clean email is delivered to my mailbox.  Spark seem to have done it via smx:



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Re: spam levels

by Gmac118 Starter Poster
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Hey Vodafone why dont you just download the Mailwasher software !!!!!!!


Might do  a better job than your current system

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Re: spam levels

by carolynh New Poster
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Over the past few days I have been bombarded with spam both in my inbox and spam box. It is becoming very irritating and annyoying. I have had contact over the phone with Vodafone several times. They have assured me that the issue is being sorted. That was about a month ago. It settled a bit for a few weeks but the past few days, once again they are coming hard and fast. Canadian Online Pharmacy seems to be the main culprit and as stated previously, it is a privacy issue. Many of the emails aren't to my email address, they are to other vodafone customers. It is not good enough. I am considering switching providors.

Lift your game Vodafone. There'd be a quick response if we all refused to pay our bills till the issue was sorted. I am sure of that. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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This from Vodafone...

As weird as this sounds the jump in SPAM you have had today is actually a sign of this being resolved.


As we have cleared the backlog in our servers all of the legitimate email as well as SPAM emails will start filtering through to their intended recipient hence the increase today.


As we fix our SPAM filters which we are on track to have completed this week you should stop seeing SPAM altogether.


Please understand that everyone higher is aware of this issue and we are doing all we can to get this fixed so yourself and other customer don;t continue to be impacted.


Filled with optimism ??

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Re: spam levels

by Community Manager Community Manager
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We have had a couple of major waves of spam, hence why bad then good then bad again. We have been updating the filters every day so volumes will have dropped off, a full fix is going in this week.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

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Re: spam levels

by JulieS Starter Poster
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I have 6 email accounts and only one of them is giving me grief - the one I pay for - ...


I deleted all spam at about 1:30am and now at 7:10pm I have 136 spam in my spam folder and some extras in my inbox just in case I haven't had my quota for the day.


Got an amazing offer from another ISP yesterday, and if this spam assault doesn't get resolved soon, I know what I will be doing.



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Re: spam levels

by Cad Starter Poster
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Today is 18-06 and I am still getting 100s of spam emails each day, mostly they are going to my spam folder which is great, but I don't seem to be getting many other emails that are being sent to me. I delete the contents of my spam and rubbish bin each time I log on to try and control the size of my  overall mail so don't think it's related to this.


Is this issue resolved or as the way my clear mail is functioning suggests still ongoing. It's fairly useless at the moment and I'm thinking I need to change providers if it can't be sorted as it's affecting my work

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Re: spam levels

by Senior Contributor capcomnz Senior Contributor
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I'm still getting the odd amount of spam to my inbox and like you 100s to the spam folder that I can access through webmail.

I just delete them, but I think they might delete automatically after a period of time (which i can not find any refernce too)

Best i can find is:

"While email stored in this folder is routinely and automatically deleted after a set time, a sudden influx of spam can cause your mailbox usage quota to be exceeded."


If "good" emails are making their way to the spam folder you can alert vodafone to the fact that they are not spam.


Any emails that i am expecting to receive I am getting. They dont seem to be going to the spam folder.




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