Cellular/Mobile broadband

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Cellular/Mobile broadband

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Where can I find the Vodafone info on Cellular or mobile broadband, I saw it a couple of months ago after it was suggested I use it by a ninja on one of my many calls for help? 

I am soooo sick of slow broadband in Kerikeri Northland, and it continiously drops off, have tried everything and have spoken to a zillion ninjas to no avail.  Its an expensive and not really affordable option for me but I work from home and am going mental from stress from my useless broadband (ADSL) It seems I may just have to pay for this service.
No point in upgrading to VDSL either.  TIA

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Re: Cellular/Mobile broadband

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Hi @WendyCain,


Sorry to hear about the experience that you are having with your ADSL service. Have you checked to see if you can get rural broadband? Visit this link and enter in your address to see if you can get it. It will work out better than ADSL if you have coverage for rural broadband

Kind regards,
Arif Khan.
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