Broadband internet not working intermittently

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Broadband internet not working intermittently

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Hi there,

My internet works fine normally, but every now and then (usually around once a day) the internet just stops working and I can't use the internet on any of my devices that use my modem. I've found that the only way to get the internet working again is to turn off the modem at the wall for about ten minutes, then turn it back on again. If I turn it off then back on instantly, the on/off light goes red and the internet still does not work. It's only if I leave the modem off for a while that when I turn it back on again the on/off button will go green and the internet will work again.

Last night this worked like usual, but then the internet worked for only about ten minutes, then stopped working again. My internet is working at the moment (but I had to turn the modem off then on again just now).

It is not a problem with the devices using the internet - when the internet stops working it happens to all devices using the modem.

Do you know what the problem is?

What can I do to stop this problem occurring?

Thank you

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Re: Broadband internet not working intermittently

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Thanks for the post - what type of broadband do you have? And perhaps direct message me (click on my name) with your account number as sounds like a potential line fault.



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