Bad communication

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Bad communication

by GlenReid New Poster
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I received a phone call from a VF sales person on the 28th March 2017 asking how my ADSL broadband is..I said to her that it was cutting in and out at times..She said that they had done a speed test and noticed the same and said that they can offer me a new modem that has a SIM card in it and connects to the 4G networ.

After discussing the agreement etc I agreed to the new modem and was told that it will be here within 5-6 working days.

Within 30 mins I received 2 emails stating the agreement and the order that she had placed for the modem incl the new modems serial number.

On 4th April(a week latr) I contacted VF to saee what is happening and when I would be receiving themodem as I have not received any other updates apart from the initual ones.

I was told by the overseas call centre that there seems to be a problem with who ever set tha acct up for the new modem and he would look in to it..I asked him to let me know ASAP.

Later that day I rung and got through to a NZ CS rep and explained the situation,he looked in to it and put me on hold and guess what he put me back to the overseas CS rep that I spoke to earlier which really annoyed me....

I told the overseas CS rep that I have had enough of this and to cancel the order as I have had this issue in the past and was really annoyed.

I tried again to VF and got through to another NZ CS rep and explained it AGAIN and she looked in to it..I asked her to ring me back after she spoke to her supervisor and guess what I got a call back from the overseas CS rep..WHAT THE!!!!

The overseas rep told me that when the initial lady rung me to set the new modem uo it was not done correctly AGAIN!!..

She then said to me that I had cancelled it and she tried to get me off the phone fast,I told her that I did not receive anymore communication after the initial ones on the 28th March and she seemed surprised.....


Im sorry VF but your system really sucks and does not look after there customers...


I have been with VF mobile for approx 24 years and have had eniugh!!!!


I am presently looking around other networks to take my Mobile and Homrphone/Broadband as I cant trust VF again..


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Re: Bad communication

by Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja Vodafone Ninja
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Hi Glen, really sorry about what has happened, it shouldn't be this hard or frustrating.


I want to find out who/what broke down here so we can prevent this sort of thing from happening in future. Are you able to PM me any account details you have so I can pass this on to appropriate people.


I understand if you're looking for a new provider, but if you do still want to look at changing to Home Wireless Broadband, I can also make sure this happens, let me know. 

- Sam

I work for Vodafone, supporting our mobile and fixed customers, and volunteer my time on the community.

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