Bad Internet

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Bad Internet

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Hello staff at Vodafone. Recently me and my family have been having some problems with our internet acting up. At our house we have 4 family members who all use the internet often.Over the last month or so we have noticed that the internet is noticeable slower. When attempting to web search, watch YouTube, use gaming platforms like steam and download  items I find that the internet is slower than normal. In some cases I can't even use the internet because the item that I am searching for times out. At the moment we are on an ADSL line with an unlimited broadband plan. I also noticed that on our road, workers are placing fibre optiques into the ground. Maybe this has somthing to do with the problem. Please contact me back with any details on why this issue might be taking place.

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Re: Bad Internet

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The work happening in the street shouldn't affect the performance on your ADSL. 


Our technical support team can run some tests on the line to help narrow down where the problem might lie, you can reach them on 0800438448.


If fibre is going into the street, I'd suggest signing up for fibre ASAP, as the service is much faster and more reliable than ADSL, however it can take a while to be installed.

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