Am I tied into a contract?

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Am I tied into a contract?

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I have been a vodafone customer for a number of years but also a renter so change my plan depending on whats available in my area and unfortunately I have had to move around a bit over the past few years. I signed up to VDSL August last year at my current place, I was just wondering, am I tied into a contract with that? I can't remember from when I signed up. If I am, what is the end date? Fibre is currently being installed in my area and I have been offered a good deal from Spark, so wanting to change if I am not tied in. My customer number is *Removed Account Number*.


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Re: Am I tied into a contract?

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Hi Chelsea,


Please do not post personal info on the community. You would most likely be on a 12 month term. Therefore would end in August 2017.





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