7 months of hassle and counting

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7 months of hassle and counting

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I made the mistake of applying for fibre broadband, upgrading from the old copper service on 21 November 2015 since my neighbours had done so with other providers and it seemed smart to coordinate the work.

Vodafone then opened a new account and proceeded to charge me monthly for Best Mates Mobile calls that were still free on the older account which remained in operation since Fibre was not installed until the end of April 2016. Every month then required the usual 1 to 2 hours on the phone to get the double charges reversed, each time with the assurance that it would not happen again. Even assured in writing in March.  Finally fibre is connnected 27 April and immediately my email is cut off and I am again charged extra for best mates mobile calls.  My old copper broadband account is "closed"  on May 3 with more assurances that it is all good now. Result is no email for 8 days. Vodafone also have some apparent difficulty to transfer the landline phone to fibre so no landline phone for over 2 weeks. Note of course that the charges still continued. Two accounts show up in May in which I am charged twice for various services. So June comes and I finally have a fully operating broadband account, with landline phone, and my ongoing Sky TV.  The best mates deal was not transferred and I was later told that it must be specially requested. So that was another small detail, now complete.  All good now you may think??? Not likely.  Now I am charged twice for Sky TV, once on the supposedly closed copper broadband account and once on the fibre account, with an additional charge for internet services on the old copper account, on top of the now operative fibre account. Again I am told it will be sorted out. We will see what next.


I am told this is all because the old broadband accounts are managed by a different department from the new fibre  broadband  accounts. Well that is Vodafone's problem, not the customer's fault. Incompetence does not even begin to describe what I have experienced. The left hand does not have any idea what the right hand is doing.


 Is it just me or is 7 months of hassle the standard routine when upgrading to fibre?  Too late now but I wish I had looked at alternatives last year.

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