4G Wireless / 3G Rural

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4G Wireless / 3G Rural

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Despite living less than 30 minutes from Auckland's CBD and the National Broadband map confirming that we do indeed have fibre in the area, my wife and I still find ourselves confided to the joys of 3G Rural Broadband.


I discovered today that in addition to being fibre ready, our property is also within range of a 4G tower, and "4G Extend" (whatever that means).  However, when I rang to enquire about switching to a faster plan, I was told that due to my being within range of a "rural" tower, I could not switch to a "normal" wireless tower.


I have it on good authority that Spark will provide me with 4G at least - if not fibre - and yet since I only switched to this rural rubbish in May last year, I now find myself shackled to it until 2018.


The rep I spoke to on the phone tonight was lovely, but even she couldn't muster an explanation as to why we can't switch plans.  Something about a government initiative?


C'mon Vodafone!  Please can someone justify why I must linger at 3G speeds whilst the rest of the nation blazes ahead?

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Re: 4G Wireless / 3G Rural

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Have you tried locking router to 4G only? Do you have external antenna and is it the white triangle type?

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Re: 4G Wireless / 3G Rural

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If there's a 4G tower in the area and no terrain/distance factors then there's no reason your router wouldn't connect to 4G unless as suggested by CB its locked to 3G only/preferred or it's an older model which doesnt support 4G. Check if your router is the latest B315

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