4 Months of trying to get fibre installed, no progress

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4 Months of trying to get fibre installed, no progress

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First off have been waiting for 4 month to try and sort out my fibre install after a comedy of errors.


3 months ago they came to install and found the contractors who ran the fibre had not run it to the address properly so some conduit had to be installed. 1 Month later told they would come over to install what was needed, didnt show up and offered no reason as to why, was told work should be completed by mid may, i rang to confirm then told it will be the 27th may. Were suppose to show up to do the work on the 27th May, they didnt show up or text me a reason why. Called the following week 3 time to request more into for fibre team as to what was going on was told i would receive a call by last friday as to what was happening, no phone call as yet and its 12 days later and i cant get through to the fibre team to get any more information.


I Have called for information more then 25 time in the 4 months since signing up and its has been the WORST experience i have ever had with customer service with your Helpline people constantly blaming how crap and useless chorus are which is NO help to me at all as chorus has subbed the work out to another contractor so any information is 3rd hand and extremely lacking.


And as i sit here on 1MB adsl that i was told was complementarity by a fibre rep i get a bill and threatened with disconnection if i dont pay the $384 for the "complementarity" adsl. I have called 3 times about this and every time am told it has been taken care of but i still recieve the invoices because someone is to lazy to call a fibre rep and look at my account and confirm it was complementarity for the ABSOLUTE stuff around this install has been.


Still waiting for a call or information about this fibre install that no one can offer me no matter how many phone call i make or how many call i make. 

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Re: 4 Months of trying to get fibre installed, no progress

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It took six months to get fibre at our last place.  It's a shameful display of how inept the whole fibre provisioning system is.

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